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Kissing with dentures?



Junior member
Jul 6, 2008

I'm 23, and I'm going to have to have my teeth pulled and replaced with a denture on both the top and bottom. It's due to a genetic disorder, and can't be helped. (my dad and his brother both had to have the same treatment done before they graduated high school.) My question is this, being a young single guy, and still out there looking for a lady, what is kissing (specifically French kissing) like for denture wearers? Do I have to worry about her possibly pulling them out? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

This is a question that has come up on more than one occasion but as yet, no one has really answered it so, it could be up to you to try and let the rest of us denture wearers know all about it.
I have a partial both top and bottom and it doesnt ermmm " hinder" me at all ;-)
Well, I just went and read all those threads that Lets posted about kissing and dentures. Wow, some people are really honest and uninhibited about talking about personal matters.
A note to SS and Mary; both of you are talking about new relationships and how to deal with the denture issue; well I just learned a few new things so give it a read!
LC! :thumbsup: What have you been reading about lately? :redface: That reminds me of that one movie (can't remember the name) where I think it was Selma Blair who was smooching with a older woman with dentures... ah... well I won't go on about what happened, but it was just a bit disturbing.
I know this thread was done and over with years ago. But I figured that people are still reading it as this is a very important topic to us single people out there.
After 21 years of marriage I find myself single again. Before I allowed my new guy to kiss me, I had a long conversation with him about having a full top plate and partial lowers. And yeah, I kinda chickened out and waited until we were messaging on fb before I brought it up. It didn't faze him in the slightest. I think it's helps that I'm 43 years old and he's 52 years old.
In direct answer to the question, it's made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I glue my full top plate in to be sure no food particles get in there. That's also prevented any issues of our kissing causing it to come loose or heaven forbid come out. My partial bottom plates are tight enough that they're not an issue at all. He might be able to feel some of the metal where it goes around a tooth to hold it in place. But he's never said anything and always comes back for another kiss so it can't be too bad!!! Lol Ah kissing, one of life's greatest joys!??
So for first dates especially, I'd be sure to glue them if you're worried about movement. Otherwise just be sure to tell them about them so they don't get surprised. And if you feel you can't talk about them? You sure you're ok with kissing them then? Just a thought for you.? ? Hope this helps anyone who's still reading this post!!!