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Knot on jaw 3 months after extraction


Ky lady

Junior member
Aug 27, 2015
I had an impacted lower wisdom tooth extracted in April that finally started hurting after 30+ yrs. The tooth was full grown with 3 roots, growing sideways in my gum. My jaw bone had grown over the tooth. When the bone was cut away, the tooth was surrounded with a sac of infection inside my gum and one of the roots was sitting on a nerve. The surgeon did everything he could not to injure the nerve, so he couldn't suction out the extraction site extremely well without risking the nerve. On day 3, my pain was severe, my cheek, jaw & neck continued to swell. He had to go back in an get all the infection out, pack the extraction site with antibiotic strips and sent me to the ER for IV antibiotics, in addition to the oral antibiotics I'd been taking since extraction. It took about 2 days after the ER before the swelling was noticeably down and the severe pain lessened to tolerable.
At around 5 weeks post extraction, I was still having pain from hot/cold foods. Found out then my molar next to the extraction site had been cracked. Since the extraction site was not completely healed, we waited 3 more weeks (8 wks post extraction) to fix the molar. When the dentist gave me the 1st shot in my lower gum, I about came out of the chair. He ended up giving me 2 more shots and I was numb on one side of my face, all the way up to my eyebrow. The sight of the 1st shot was sore for 4 days.
4 weeks later (12 weeks post extraction) the bottom of my jaw started to get sore and a little swollen. I felt a small lump. I went back to my dentist, he examined my teeth/mouth, said everything looked fine. The wisdom tooth extraction site was 100% healed, no redness or signs of infection. Said my lymph node may be a little swollen, to go see my PC doc. I went to my PC doc, he said the lymph node may be swollen, here's 7 days of antibiotics, what did the oral surgeon say & call him in 4 days if not better. I call in 4 days because the pea size knot is now the size of a walnut. It's hard & hurts to touch. ... And he's on vacation for 2 weeks. So... I call the oral surgeon. He did a 30 minute exam, pushing, mashing every part of my mouth, did a panoramic & 2 other X-rays and declared it wasn't caused by my mouth or teeth. I needed an ENT surgeon ASAP.
Well, I got into an ENT the next day. He basically scared me to death. The knot wasn't a knot it was a mass & it wasn't going away without surgery. (It's been on my jaw for 6 weeks now). He ordered a CT scan and surgery within the week, once he got the CT back and could confirm what he needed to remove or drain. Well, the CT came back with nothing. No swollen nodes or glands, no stones, no infection, no mystery mass. It showed stranded tissue or inflammation, with possible, residual bone infection. He sent me back to the oral surgeon.
I'm at week 8 of a hard, painful walnut size knot on my jaw. It's closer to the front of my jaw, starting below the corner edge of my mouth and going back about 1.5 inches. It sits half under my jawbone and half on the side. It not at the extraction site.
The oral surgeon says he's never seen anything like it. He swears there is no bone infection. He even went to the hospital on his own time and sat down with the radiologist & went through my films slide by slide. All anyone sees is inflammation but they can't ID a cause. At this point, I'm losing my mind not knowing a cause or treatment that works. I've had 3 round of antibiotics. I've been taking Advil & Tylenol for 8 days now with ice on the knot every night with no change. The pain is at touch mostly, with a bit of throbbing every now & then. The docs are telling me it's most likely inflammation from my bone still healing from the extraction.
I don't know where to go from here. It's been almost 5 months since I had the wisdom tooth extracted and the knot & pain didn't appear until 12 weeks later. Just Unbelievable.
anyone else have a mystery knot appear months after an extraction? Any advise that eased the pain and reduced the size?


Mar 17, 2015
HI! did you ever find out what was happening? i have something similar! x


Junior member
Apr 5, 2018
Did you ever find out what this was?


Junior member
Feb 5, 2020
Please in the name of Christ will someone reply on what happened with this? Every post I go to all over the internet about the hard lump on the jaw line has no follow up 😔