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LANAP may be too expensive-alternatives?



Junior member
May 11, 2012
Hey everyone,
My dentist recently told me I had periodontitis and sent me to a periodontist. My pocket depths measured between 3-6mm on most teeth, and I had one tooth that was a 7. I haven’t been given a price yet for the procedure, but the costs I’ve seen on the Internet are thousands of dollars. I’m pretty positive that my insurance won’t cover it because it’s not listed anywhere in the paperwork as a service and it says that experimental/investigational procedures are excluded. I’ve read that LANAP is classified that way by some insurance companies.
Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone here has had the LANAP procedure, how much it cost, and did insurance cover any of it. Also, are there any alternatives to LANAP for gum disease treatment, or am I going to be forced to pay for an uninsured procedure I can’t really afford or let my teeth fall out?