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LANAP Surgery Scheduled



Junior member
Feb 26, 2022
I am scheduled for LANAP surgery to repair pockets in my lower and upper molars. I am concerned about the loss of gum tissue, the pain after the procedure, and success of LANAP. I would appreciate any information on what to expect with this surgery. I have elected to have twilight sedation to make the process less stressful. thanks!
This is a follow up to my previous post about LANAP surgery. I had the surgery a week ago. The procedure was painless but the recovery has proven to be quite stressful. Although my gums hurt continually, I have been assured that it is part of the recovery process. I will continue to post as my recovery progresses over time. Please know that if you make the decision to have LANAP that you will have to make definite oral hygiene changes for the remainder of your life.
I just found your post, and I am researching LANAP. I haven't seen the referred periodonist yet. Did you have specific molar done or every tooth in the quardrant?
I had two quadrants done. Upper and lower left side. The right side had root planing and scaling. It took 6 weeks for my mouth to feel somewhat normal again. My gums have receded much more than i expected. There are large spaces between the molars with the deepest pockets. I am not sure I would do the surgery again if I knew my mouth would look like this later. The right side with root planing and scaling improved my pockets tremendously. A better alternative to LANAP.
It has now been 10 months since my LANAP surgery. The upper left side of my mouth seems to have healed well. The lower left side has not improved at all and still troubles me. This side was my original concern for going to a periodontist. I would definitely not recommend LANAP for anyone who has deep periodontal pockets. Save your money.