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LANAP versus traditional Osseous surgery?



Junior member
Nov 25, 2018
So the next step in my dental plan is to have pocket reduction surgery for my gums, as some of my pockets are 8mm and I’ve had some bone loss.

I got the quote for the LANAP procedure, which would cost me about $6000 out of pocket, and I’d have to pay up front.

If I went the traditional osseous surgery, the cost would vary per quadrant, but I’d be able to spread out the treatments over time (therefore having more time to come up with the money) instead of having to do my whole mouth within 2 weeks.

I originally decided to go the traditional route, simply because of the finances. My appointment is scheduled for this Saturday to do my upper right quadrant.

However now I’m starting to wonder if I’m making the right choice. I’m concerned about the gum recession that occurs with traditional surgery, thus possibly requiring gum grafts in the future (and more money). I also HATE the thought of stitches and dressings in my mouth. I know LANAP would avoid both of those things, and has a better success rate overall.

So what to do, what to do?? I’ve thought about waiting until I get tax returns back, and seeing if I can use that money, if any, toward the LANAP... or I could just put it all on a credit card and pay it off over time... but 6k is more than I’d like on a credit card...

What has everyone’s experience been? Is LANAP worth the price? I definitely know my anxiety would benefit from laser over scalpels and scraping!!!
Search for PerioPeak. It cost a lot less and I have heard great results.
No idea on the content! But might CareCredit be an option for the finances? Even if you could put some on there and some on your cc, might help. I’m hoping to put a few thousand on there with the interest-free-six-months promotion and the rest on my cc for my treatment plan, pay the carecredit minimums but focus on the credit card, then once the credit card is paid, pay off the carecredit. Fingers crossed. I really, really wish these places had monthly payment plan options, would be so much less overwhelming!