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Large bottom molar root treatment filled with amalgam



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Aug 10, 2009
Hi i‘ve just had large bottom molar root flare up with an infection after 13 years, it turns out it was filled with filling instead of the Proper stuff I think it’s called Gutta Percher not sure I’ve spelled that right. I’m being referred to the local NHS hospital for a re-root treatment under the NHS I’ve no idea how long the waiting list is and I’m terrified it’s going to flare up again over Xmas. It’s still tender after 5 days of antibiotics and I don’t know what to do I have no lower teeth at the Back lower left after this large molar and am reluctant to say to the dentist just pull it out. My dentist is over 45 minutes away due to the fact I just lost my local NHS dentist. I was lucky to get this one just in time. Before their list were full.
I would be careful with your diet. Eliminate sugar and processed foods. An anti inflammation diet works. Good luck.
I phoned the dentist and they said they can’t keep giving me antibiotic, just keep taking the painkillers and if the pain gets too much they will take it out… I am devastated and my dental anxiety has come back it’s just a case waiting to see if the hospital will do it on the NHS. I just wondered how long it is safe fore the hospital to leave it before they gave me an answer. i really am worrying about this.
@swampiesue I am afraid I don't know the NHS system, so maybe I don't understand right. Sounds like you have an unknown long wait to have the root canal redone, which would be done at a hospital, but if you cannot wait that long, your dentist will extract the tooth without a wait? If I am right, that does sound like a very worrying situation. I am sorry you have to deal with something like this. Do you think it is possible to contact the hospital and get any information about exactly how long you would be waiting? Or contact and ask either the hospital or the dentist how long you can wait and still have your tooth be saveable? Sorry if I don't understand your situation or the NHS well, I am in the USA.
Thanks for your reply, I have an apt on Friday to discuss this with my dentist. I can’t phone hospital because the haven’t even excepted me yet and ido t know where it will be 😘
It's good you have an appointment to discuss this with the dentists, I hope they can help!
Hi my saga still goes on, I had the tooth extracted last Tuesday but it all broke up and despite an hour in the dentist chair and two dentists working on it the roots refused to budge. It’s extreamly sore and I’m on another five days amoxicillin. What worry’s me is the tooth next door hurts when I tap it can the infection spread to the next tooth. I’m due to have the root out at another surgical dentist on Wednesday as a referral please can a dentist tell me if it could have spread in all this time it’s been four weeks in all 😢😢😢Please 😢😢😢
Hi @swampiesue, so sorry to hear that things didn't go to plan last Tuesday, that sounds traumatic :(. Not a dentist but I can tell you that infections can't spread to the next tooth. There can be several reasons why the tooth next door might be hurting, you can find out more in the FAQs:

If you are afraid of infections spreading to the rest of the body, have a look at this FAQ:

Wishing you all the best for Wednesday and that the specialist will be able to help you get out of your pain and misery 🤗. Please let us know how you got on!
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me and giving me those details bless you 😘😘 and thank you for your kind words 🤗😘
Hi the tooth is out, I have stitches and the gum is very swollen, I’m still concerned as the tooth next door is still not right. It’s not sensitive to cold or heat but hurts when I bite on it a bit and hurts when tapped. Is this a result of being pulled about or do I need to worry ? I can’t find anything on the net to put my mind at rest and when I spoke to the specialist dentist she just told me it could be or go to my dentist. I don’t drive and my dentist is 45 mins drive away and my husbands getting fed up with me and my problems. i was hoping she was going to x ray the tooth she had to deal with but she already had an X-ray there which was taken after the extraction. The specialist dentist put me on antibiotics after the root extraction, Metronidazole for five days which ends Christmas Eve but been told no alcohol for48 hours after so there goes my Xmas can’t eat and now can’t drink but rather that than an infection. Feeling very depressed at the moment 😢😢😢
Well it’s a week since my surgery and apart from the problem with the next tooth my extraction site is not healing as I hoped, it’s still very painful and there’s a hard bony lump at the side of my gum plus on the other side what looks like my jaw bone showing through my gum. I’ve booked an appointment for tomorrow but would love to speak to anyone that could put my mind at rest, and one of my stitches still hasn’t dissolved.
Hi, well done for getting the tooth out, but sorry to hear it's not healing as quickly as you'd hoped :cry: . Did the oral surgeon give any indication of what to expect with regards to healing? Do painkillers help at all? Good to hear that you've got an appointment booked for tomorrow, let us know what they say 🤗!
Hi great news is there’s no infection in that other tooth, there’s a lot of inflammation and soreness still in extraction site and that area and to carry on with salt washes three times a day and pain killers. With regards to not healing properly, there is a piece of jaw bone showing through gum and to give it all a bit of time to heal and if still showing I will be referred back to hospital to have that shaved down. Yuk ! But I feel a lot better in mind than I did feel 😘
Good to hear that there's no infection in the neighbouring tooth, that's great news :thumbsup!:! I hope the extraction site will heal by itself (if not, apparently the shaving down is not as bad as it sounds). Wishing you a rapid recovery :grouphug:
Thank you very much for your kind words throughout my dilemma 😘😘😘
Hi sorry to bother you again, my extraction site is feeling a lot better but im Still concerned about the hard bony lump on side of gum, it’s not gone down and is quite painful when pressed. It’s not the jawbone that’s sticking out of gum that’s the other side but a separate hard lump I’ve had since having the tooth injected with with local anesetic. Will it go away or stop being painful when pressed.
I’m concerned as to if its a jaw infection.
Hi, you'd really need to have your dentist have a look to see what is going on, I think it would be impossible to say over the internet (even for our dentists here). Great to hear that the extraction site is feeling better!
She’s already looked just After Christmas and said give it time to heal but the lump hurts when I smile and I’m concerned about this jaw bone showing I can’t leave it months as she has suggested. I’m scared the jawbone will die. 😢😢😢
Did she say you should leave it for months, even if you're still getting pain? That doesn't sound right :( . I don't think the jawbone would die, but if the lump hurts with something as simple as smiling, she should definitely be prepared to see you again and figure out what's going on. Or else is there any chance of seeing an emergency dentist near you?