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Large composite filling on Monday



Junior member
May 14, 2014
Hello all,

I’ve had some dental issues for years due to being bulimic in the past. I’m recovered now and very lucky as I’ve been looking after my teeth as best I can.

I cracked my number 6 molar two years ago on some beef jerky and had a bad experience at my NHS dentists so didn’t end up going back. I finally went to a new private dentist as I could not find an NHS one, I was 100% expecting to lose my tooth as my number 6 molar cracked 10 years ago on the other side and had to be extracted.

Anyway the dentist told me she could save my tooth as I had more than 50% left and it hasn’t hit the nerve.

The things I’m nervous about are the:

Injection, when I had my extraction 19 years ago I had lots of local anaesthesia, this made my heart race, my dentist never told me this could happen so it gave me a shock. I really don’t want this to happen as I have a lot of health anxiety about my heart. I know there is a needle without adrenaline but I’m also nervous to have that as it’s new and I worry about being allergic. Can anyone help me with this fear?

I also struggle to keep my mouth open for long periods without wanting to swallow, I’ve practised keeping my mouth open like this at home and I’m fine so I know it’s definitely psychological. My dentist said whilst she’s drilling I can ask to stop and swallow etc but when she gets to the composite filling reconstructive part she needs me to be able to keep my mouth open for at least 10 minutes! Has anyone got any tips for this? This dentist doesn’t offer sedation and to be honest even if I got referred I’d be too scared to get sedated.

My last fear is trying a dental dam for the first time, I’m so scared I’ll accidentally choke on it, or won’t be able to breath with it on, but she said this is the best way to keep my tooth dry whilst she works and she says it’ll help her rebuild my tooth better without saliva in the way.

If anyone has any advice I would really it appreciate it. I really want to get this work done and save my tooth.
Your dentist should be able to give you some kind of oral sedative before you come in which would make everything, especially the needle, a lot easier. As for keeping your mouth open, yes that sounds more like probably a mental thing. It's like just being told not to close your mouth makes you feel like you have to close your mouth. Wish I had some advice on that one but it's about finding your own place of making peace with it, trusting you can do it and it will be okay. Perhaps some kind of distraction in your mind.

Hope it all works out okay and that you can save your tooth. I'm having a root canal later today and it's iffy as to whether my tooth can be saved. I hate to have the procedure and spend the money if it can't. I'm a little nervous about the procedure, never had one before, but I'm mostly nervous about the results.

All the best to you. Stay strong.
I hope your root canal went ok!

My appointment is tomorrow, sadly my dentist doesn’t offer sedation, I’ve asked for the non adrenaline shot but I’m nervous as I’ve never had this before and my mind is thinking up all the worst scenarios like allergies, it somehow spreading to other tissues (thanks google).

I’m going to go to my appointment as I really need to push through the anxiety. I just wish I could stay calm.
@oneby I got the filling. Thank you for your support. I got the none adrenaline anaesthesia, and it didn’t make my heart race at all. I did feel weird and spaced out for a second but I think I was panicking about what might happen, I managed to calm myself down. So glad I’ve saved my tooth for now. Just hope I can look after it well enough.
@gemcool16 So glad it went well for you. Feels great to be on the other side for sure. Glad your tooth was saved. My root canal went great and my tooth was also saved. There was no pain at all with the procedure or even afterwards (except at the billing desk). I was mostly nervous about them finding a crack deep inside and having to lose the tooth. Now I have to go back to my regular dentist and get a crown put on this tooth. Not looking forward to that but I am okay with it - just glad that I'm not having to consider an implant.

The only problem I had with the root canal was struggling with the desire to swallow too much. I think this issue actually got planted in my head after spending time on the forums here. :p