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large filling



Mar 14, 2023
I have a large cavity in one tooth. The filling has fallen out before. Im so scared it might happen again. Eventually I might need a crown, etc. not sure? Can I tell the dentist to just remove the tooth? Will they do that? It is the last tooth next to my wisdom tooth. If it got removed I would leave it that way, just an empty spot because I dont want to deal with dental work at all.
You can ask to have the tooth extracted, if the filling fails again or if it's giving some symptoms. The dentist is not totally obliged to do what you ask if they feel it's not in your best interest, but if it's a pretty big cavity then they probably will.
@Gordon ive been going crazy since it fell out when I was on vacation. Then I was haunted by the big deep hole drilled in my tooth. Ive gotten it refilled with white fillings, but am so afraid it will fall out again or when it does what will happen? Im so scared.
@toothfailure I would try not to worry about something that hasn't happened yet, as it could still be fine in 10-20 years who knows