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Laser crown lengthening



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Mar 9, 2022
Hi all! I had a successful root canal retreatment two weeks ago and tomorrow I am going to get the crown placed. The dentist mentioned that I might have to get a little bit of my gum laser removed for the crown to be able to fit on. Although she is a wonderful dentist, she is not the best at administering the numbing shots. I feel safe with her despite that so I do not want to go to anybody new.

  • I really have no idea what to expect laser crown lengthening. I feel like that sounds like a really harsh recovery.
  • Do you have to get numbed for that? When I hear laser I feel like that means that it will not hurt.
  • Is there a way that I could tell her to be more gentle when using the anesthetic (if it has to be user.) I feel like I don’t even know how to approach that.
Any tips, advice or stories on crown lengthening would be helpful.
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1) Laser surgery gives much faster and easier recovery times. It's one of the main selling points.
2) You don't usually need anaesthetic for minor stuff like this. The laser pulses on and off faster than the nerves can react so you don't feel any pain.
3) Just say it. "I'm really anxious about getting injections, can you please be as gentle as possible and use lots of topical anaesthetic first". :) Anyone who would be upset by that doesn't warrant further consideration really.
@Gordon Thanks so much Gordon! I appreciate your comment so much. I will be going in about 5 hours!
How did it go?
@Gordon It went very well! The dentist was able to place the crown without laser removal. She said if it doesn't take/hold well we'd do the laser. Feeling good to have all of my teeth normal again and being able to eat on the right side normally for the first time in YEARS. I am sore today, with some ear achiness and gum tenderness but good overall. Thanks Gordon!
Well done you. Thank you for updating us.
@Gordon thank you for checking in!! And all of your help.