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Laughing gas didn't do anything



Junior member
Jan 15, 2023
United States
I had a gum tissue graft in July and opted to have laughing gas. I am a very anxious and previously phobic patient; over the years I've managed to get past a decent amount of extreme fear but only at cleanings. They said it was a really easy procedure and at first didn't even recommend any sedation until I brought it up. Since this wasn't being covered by insurance, I opted for the cheaper option.

I'd only had laughing gas one or two other times during fillings and those were years ago. I remember it working though the effect was pretty light. Well, this time the laughing gas didn't do anything. I think crying and hyperventilating until I was worn out did much more to calm me down than the gas. I did tell them this but they offered no explanation.

Sometimes I have this stuff done and they treat me like I'm the first scared patient they've ever had. It's humiliating. I'm ready to cancel my next cleaning at this point because this setback is seriously screwing with me and frustrating me. If any dentist has similar experiences with patients who weren't helped by laughing gas please let me know. And why didn't it work for me? Did they not have it turned up high enough? Even if it didn't turn out for them in the end at least I know I'm not crazy.
I'm not a dentist, but I have a history of similar experiences with gas. One thing that helped me was using a child's mask, and also trying to explain to the dentist that I needed a very high dose to get any effect at all. My own general dentist knew all of that (and was the one who suggested the children's mask), but it was hard to convince dental specialists that I was "special".
@LittleLynnie Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had minimal relief from it then. When I was a kid it darn near knocked me unconscious but my dentist at that point in time was old-fashioned when it came to the practice itself and treating children, and frankly quite mean. The second time I had it, it helped a little bit from what I can remember.