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Le Fort II Advancement Down Osteotomy - side effects advice please



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Just asking any professionals on here if they have had any experience with this procedure and any known side effects arising both short and long term from this? I had this done in 1994 alongside some two years of orthodontics which entailed amongst everything the rotation of my front 1 & 2 incisors. My upper jaw was in three pieces originally, and so alvelor bone grafts were used to reconstruct alongside the titanium screws and fixtures. I had also undergone expansion in my teenage years (1985-1987) also with rotation and bone grafts but this failed and so had a second attempt starting 1993 as detailed at the top of this message.
My current issues are that I keep getting periodic aching from certain teeth and daily brushing can often be excruciating to carry out. My current dentist is aware, but would appreciate any feedback from any specialists who might have enhanced knowledge on this and the latest coping advice for this. Many thanks Simon.


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Verified dentist
Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
I have seen patients who have had these segmental movements. It has been my experience that a fair number have had issues with individual teeth. These issues have been altered sensations as to what we as dentists typically see in our non-surgically treated patients. I don't remember any teeth that didn't become okay after electing to perform root canals on the affected teeth. What is difficult for many dentists is that they might not understand the level of sensitivity that a patient is experiencing so they aren't able to diagnose the need for a root canal.