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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire



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Mar 23, 2016
I’d like to make two recommendations for anyone in or around Warwickshire.

No pun intended but my dental fear has many roots and has been with me since my childhood, I have been terrified for as long as I can remember.

My Mum is the same so I blame her for passing the fear on! However, I also had a horrible experience where the dentist took out the wrong teeth, I then had braces which were not fitted correctly so I was left in a lot of pain. To cut a long story short I involved a solicitor and claimed compensation so I could afford to see a better dentist and correct the problems. Once I was sorted, I didn’t go back for 8 years, until last week. I visited the same dental practice and saw a lady called Bronwen O’Brien she was excellent, so calming and kind. She talks you through exactly what is going to happen, there is a range of sedation available if you need treatment and she puts your mind at ease. My Mum visited the same lady when she had an abscess, if she can calm my Mum she can calm anyone

The dentist Bronwen O’Brien is at Dental Spa Solutions in Leamington Spa.

I'd also recommend the solicitors I used if you have any issues with care, the lady who I dealt with was very compassionate and understanding, they are also based in Leamington Spa - and have the best name ever for a solicitor: Wright Hassall!
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