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Mar 23, 2006
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YELP REVIEW about painless root canal:

by JenniferM Dec2010
First let me be clear - I am scared asbolutely SH*^ less of going to the dentist. My worst nightmares involve dentist. I'd rather take a sharp stick to my eyes than go to the dentist... but sometimes you just have to. So if you're like me come to West Park Dental.

The minute you walk into West Park Dental you meet their lovely and friendly receptionist. She is very kind and puts you at ease and she told me what was going to happen next. It put me to ease that they were expecting me and everyone was on the ball and knew what they were doing.

The Hygienst are also very friendly. Once the receptionist hands you over to them they take care of you along with your dentist. She made sure I had clean water to gargle with and kept my mouth clean while the dentist was drilling. There is nothing more uncomfortable while you're being worked on than feeling nasty tooth stuff falling down your throat. So kudos to her because none of the tooth that was being drilled made it's way down my throat. I know this is what they are here for - but she did an excellent job.

The Dentist I saw was Dr. Groves. He is excellent. Very friendly, very funny and explains everything. He made sure I was in no pain. He makes sure you're numb with topical anesthetic before he puts the needle in to numb you further. He then gave me 5 minutes for it to take effect. Since I had an infected tooth and was in quite alot of pain he also gave me a shot inside the tooth to make sure I was super numb.

Once he set to work I honestly didn't feel anything, which was a relief as I've had some horrible dental experiences with other dentists. I've had a root canal where I felt all those pokey things going in the roots. That's torture. Dr. Groves had to clean out the root and I didn't feel it. So that's what I'm basing it on. The man knows what he's doing.

My husband sees Dr. Hales and has said equally good things about him. So I can recommend both at this practice. You will be well taken care of.'