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Left lower wisdom teeth



Junior member
May 21, 2018
I had my left lower wisdom tooth out last month but until now, there is still numbness at the left side of my lower lip and left side of my chin. My teeth also feel like they are stuck together. One week after I got my tooth out, I went to my dentist and told her about this numbness.. She just prescribed me vitamin B complex.. Now it has been a month but the numbness is still there.. Sometimes it is tingling.. The feeling of tightness in my teeth is still there too. I am so worried.....
Hi Gmo, what explanation did your dentist give you for what is happening? As for any case of not getting enough information/explanation or keeping having problems, I can only encourage you to seek a second opinion.
Hi Enarete.. There were no explanations given. I was just told to take vit b complex and in a week or two, it should get better.. Yes, you're right. I need to go for second opinion because at this point, i am seeing no feeling no improvements yet... Thanks...