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Leighton Buzzard Whole Tooth Dental Practice



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Aug 11, 2009
I highly reccomend this dental practice, the staff are so friendly and really put you at ease, I was a nervous wreck when I first went and they have been so kind, I see Dr Vimal Patel and he is excellent, gentle, understanding and explains everything he's going to do patiently, this practice has helped me to really start getting over my fears, if you live in this area of Bedfordshire they are well worth a visit.

Thanks for sharing. Promising website - good section for 'Nervous Patients'.

*** Note: this has now become a Bupa Dental Care practice ***
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I would second kazenglans's recommendation.
I was pretty phobic but the dentist who has been treating me is great. Calm and relaxed.
I had an extraction today and didn't feel a thing.