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Lesion on gums, extremely scared to go in??



Junior member
Jul 12, 2017
I recently (2 days ago) noticed a few lesions around the base (on my gums) of a few of my teeth. I do not go to the dentist after multiple traumatizing events but I do take extra care of my teeth. I have always struggled with gingivitis and I wanted some comfort on what could be wrong, or what to do if I have to go in and see someone...please help. All advice welcome.

The issue: over two of my top teeth and two, almost three of my bottom (right ontop of each other) I noticed a sort of lesion in the shape of the base of my tooth, like a U. It bleeds like crazy when I try to brush it so I just rinse toothpaste around it and rinse with my antibacterial non alcoholic mouth wash. It has only been two days, and only today I decided not to brush it directly. It does not hurt throughout the day, but is hot to the touch.

My mother understands my trauma and told me to leave it alone, give it a chance to try and heal. While I am horrified of the dentist, losing my teeth at 21 scares me just as much. Does anyone have any idea what this is, or what I can do to not have to go in? If I do go in, what will they say to me??

All thoughts are appreciated and welcome.
any lesion that lasts more than 2 weeks should be looked at by the dentist.

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