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Licking Temporary Root Canal Filling



Junior member
Feb 12, 2021
I recently got a root canal, around two weeks or so now. I've been licking the filling a lot out of habit, since its on my front tooth. It feels like the filling is smaller now or has degraded fast? Is this because of my habit of licking it? Is it going to make it fall out faster and cause problems?
I don't think you licking it will be helping, but temp fillings are pretty soft and wear down quickly.

It won't fall out but there's a slight risk of it starting to leak a bit, which will let bacteria into the canal space and let nasty tasting canal dressing material out into your mouth. If you notice a funny taste then give your dentist a call. You don't want to let the canal get too contaminated, it's not a big deal but it can delay final treatment a bit.