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Lifelong dental issues phobia. Self loathing because of it.



Junior member
Nov 10, 2017
Since I was a little girl, I had had very bad teeth. Both of my parents had bad teeth (my mom had full set of dentures by the age of 35). Growing up in post soviet Russia with its terrible dental care was a torture. Every visit to a dentist was like a little death. I've developed life long fear of dentists. I've tried taking care of my teeth my entire life but it has been a losing battle. I've had root canals in my teenage years, multiple LA extractions have traumatized me for life. The cracking sound during said extractions still haunts me to this day. All my nightmares are teeth related. All my fears revolve around losing the remaining teeth. I am 30, I've moved to America in my early 20s. I was shocked with the cost of dental care here. And the worst part was being judged for having bad teeth. I feel less of a person because I have to go to the dentist all the time. Last Christmas, I had 9 teeth extracted and I've been wearing partial dentures. I feel insecure and terrified every single day. My remaining teeth ( I have only 17 now) are shifting and every time I touch them with my tongue or a tooth brush, it makes me cringe. I get panic attacks on a daily basis. Needless to say that all my income goes towards covering dental bills. My ex bf hasn't ever seen me without a denture. I don't believe anyone will ever love me because of my teeth. I hate myself. I feel ugly and hopeless.
I know how you feel, I dont enjoy going to the dentist but go. I also feel like no-one who love me because of my teeth, I been chatted up a few times on holiday by various females. I hate my teeth I had a bit of dental work done root canal, fillings and one tooth removed, plenty of dental exams with scrapping, polishing etc.