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Like Lego...



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Mar 5, 2021
What is the best way you have heard dental treatment described that has put you at ease and reassured. Whether it’s how you would describe it, or, how your dentist or someone else has?

For me it was after having crown prep done under IV sedation, I was told I would have to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one fitted without sedation much to my initial horror. Someone I knew told me not to worry as it was just like Lego. It just fits right on top and slots into place. Always stuck with me as it made it seem to mundane and easy sounding. And yes it actually was as painless!


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Sep 18, 2017
What a lovely description, I like that! :love: I can’t come up with a treatment description right now, but a powerful explanation that I got from my dentist was about numbing. I used to have difficulties coping with the feeling of being numb and it would send me into the darkest places. That’s as my dentist explained to me that the sensation of being numb is extremely similar to the sensation of having a swelling. And few years back as we were hunting our food and eating plants (and had no dental treatment, lol) the only situation where we would have this sensation would be after eating a poisonous plant.. and if a plant causes swelling in the area of mouth, then that was life threatenning. In this sense we are primed to fear about our lives and panic if we feel this sensation. In dental treatment, all we need to remember is that we iniciated this sensation on purpose to be able to get the treatment comfortably.

I found this so powerful and it made me feel like “ah, ok, I’m panicking, so I’m doing it right, because this is how our brains are wired.” It also removed the feeling of being a weirdo because of my strange fears.