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Lip numbness



Junior member
Mar 31, 2018
I had a wisdom teeth extraction 10 days ago ..the right lower wisdom teeth. After the surgery i had numbness in my half right lower lip and gum also tooth in same direction.. dr said that wisdom teeth was involved under jaw bone and was totally horizontal ..before closing the wound he said that the nerve is ok..but after 10 days i still feel numbness in my chin, half of my lips and gum and from time to another i feel needles in my chin and lip get burning feeling and somehow a pulse in lip
Can any one help me ..will i feel back my lips!! Even when i use needle on my skin chin i feel nothing
I have xray panorama scan but i dont know how to post the photo here


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
I'm not a dentist, but what you described doesn't sound normal. It might not be the reply you hoped for, but please give your dentist a call and let him find out what's wrong.