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Lip still numb after Wisdom teeth extraction



Junior member
Aug 15, 2018
The surgery went well and was a lot easier then I thought but the numbness on one side still hasn't subsided after the second day. I called the dr. today and he told me maybe that the nerve course have been bruised and sent over another prescription. He told me the numbness could last 2-3 months! Have any of you had this and how long did it last?
a known risk of extracting lower back teeth and especially wisdom teeth. Of the ones that I've heard of they have lasted from weeks to permanent.
I didn't have it with my wisdom teeth, but recently had an apicoectomy on the top front tooth, and still have numbness 2 weeks after the procedure. It has gradually gotten better, and the endodontist told me it could take months to come back.
@mountain mama Maxillary teeth rarely still numb
@mountain mama Maxillary teeth rarely still numb

That is what the endodontist told me also, but my teeth always seem to defy the norms. There is improvement, although maybe I am just getting used to it. It doesn't feel as weird, but there is no feeling in the gums if they are poked with something, all the way across my four front teeth.

I always seem to have the "rare" occurrences. :rolleyes:
Yup this is me too. (Also have a hard lump on my jaw) I’m a week post extraction and still have intermittent numbness and a pins and needles feeling. Just got back from the dentist and she said it’s probably swelling onto the nerve and irritating it. She prescribed more antibiotics and said she wants to see me again in a week. So frustrating, I just want to eat normal food?