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Local anesthetic



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Aug 13, 2014
I have heard/read that sometimes patients can have a reaction to the local anesthetic used in dental procedures or that it sometimes can accidentally get into your bloodstream and make you feel overly anxious/nervous. Is that true? If so, how often does something like that happen? I am already a nervous wreck and overloaded on adrenaline as it is when I have to go to the dentist. ?
Hi @Susanne, I definitely know the feeling of already being overloaded on adrenaline at the dentist! I’m not a dentist or dentist professional so would definitely wait for their answer or ask you own dentist. Not personal experience, but, someone posted the other day that epi free local anaesthetic helped them with this. I’ll see if I can re find the post.
I’m not a dentist but information regarding this is widely available online. There is epinephrine in local anesthetic. I believe it can cause an adverse reaction in sensitive individuals & may not be recommended for those with high blood pressure. I believe that there are other options for local anesthetic without epinephrine available, too. I would just speak to your dentist if this an area of concern for you. Best wishes! ?
Hi Susanne,

if you wish to read something about what Molar_bear and TKD1974 wrote, we have a good article about it here: