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Localized pain in recently crowned molar



Junior member
Jan 31, 2009
Hello. In Dec I had the last upper right molar crowned. Wisdom tooth behind it was first pulled since it would have needed to be eventually. The molar infront of the particular tooth (last molar) was already crowned. THe new crown is shorter that the crown infront of it. At night I think I grind/clench and wake due to sharp pain in newly crowned tooth. The tooth is then sore for a few days and noticable when I eat. Mind you this tooth gave the same pain prior to dental work due to a deep cavity. Pain occured only when I ate hard things like chips or M&M's. My dentist (who is very good I think) said it didn't need a rct, though it was a deep cavity. I do not know why I am experiencing this pain whenever localized pressure is applied. Do I actually need a root canal or could the pain be b/c the crown fits shorter than the tooth infront of it so any force is distributed over a smaller area (1 molar instead of 2)? I have 7 other crowns and 1 rct. I am quite seasoned as a dental patient and therefore familiar with normal, temporary sensitivities with dental work. Please help, this is the first crown to behave so abnormally.

thank you
It could possibly be due to some interference in the bite resulting in the new crown being sensitive. A check and adjustment might help. It also could be due to some minor inflammation in the tooth from the work it can done on it. Sometimes teeth just aren't totally normal or completely achey - they can sort of twinge in between. Trying to figure out a solution to some of these problems can be tough as there can be lots of possibilities including some which only clear up by themselves if given time. Have your dentist recheck it and see if there is anything they can suggest. Sometimes it just takes many months before some teeth settle down.