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London Hospital in whitechapel



Junior member
Apr 24, 2011
Hi I am going to London Hospital in Whitechapel for dental treatment with general anaestesia in a couple of weeks... Does anyone have experience with this hospital?
Hi is that the Eastman Hospital? Good Luck, I have heard they are very good with nervous people. Regards amandah
A lot of water has passed since I used this place in 1994, but I do still hear positive reviews about the dental department and indeed the whole hospital.
It was at this place when I experienced outstanding care and compassion by a lovely young lady orthodontist called Sara who was paired up with my regular guy at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead (Sussex, UK). She was looking after me for a couple of months during a long spell of treatment to save me having to travel at some expense to East Grinstead for regular wire changes. She was so gentle and loving and was the only other time in my life when I can honestly say I enjoyed my dental visit. Outstanding! I remember fondly one occasion when I was feeling very down and fed up with the ongoing pain that I went to Sara for help and she comforted me and made me feel so much better. God bless her. XX