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London NW3



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Jan 1, 2005
"A few years ago I had a tooth removed by a total butcher. There were still 2 roots left in my gum which stayed there until last week, giving me on and off problems every 4-5 months....

A few days ago they were surgically removed together with two other teeth including a wisdom tooth. I was scared to death about the extractions, but could no longer take the pain.

I had them done at New Tec Dental, by Dr. Rash Patel. (29 Northways Parade, College Crescent, London NW3 5DR, tel 020 7449 9888) and I was very happy with the treatment. I had it under sedation and I did not feel / know a thing. The practice is very nicely decorated and calm and the receptionist was really sweet - they called the day before the extraction to re-assure me it's all going to be ok and I am in good hands!"

Edit: New Tec Dental has been renamed, and the new URL is:

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