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LONG! But my success!



May 19, 2019
Okay, so, let’s begin by sharing my first post I wrote here - I wrote this on the 19th May 2019. 7 weeks tomorrow... it’s a long read, see you at the other side!

“Two weeks ago I’d have started this thread by saying “I’m 25 and have never visited a dentist”. But I have took the first step now.

When I was around 9-10 years old I fell off my scooter and broke my front tooth, around 1/3 of it - from top to bottom. My mum told me she phoned the dentist but they can’t do anything until I’m around 20 years old and my mouth is fully grown.

I found it hard to brush my teeth because it was very painful so I either didn’t do it, or did it very lightly for 10 seconds. This was for a few months until I could do it better but I still didn’t brush well.

When I was 17, a couple of my back teeth crumbled when I was pregnant. Same again when I was 22 and pregnant.

I never went to the dentist because I was scared they’d ridicule me because of my awful uncared for teeth.

My partner’s dentist closed January this year so he got a new one, for all four of us. I was terrified but didn’t tell him. He knew though. Our first appointment got cancelled and I was relieved. But the new appointment came around very quickly.

I was not scared of the work that needs doing - I was scared I would be ridiculed and told my teeth are too far gone and I’d be laughed at etc.

On Thursday this week I had my first appointment. I went in and I told the dentist it was my first ever time. He took a look in my mouth and did what he needed to do, relaying the info back to his colleague to log it down. He asked if I was nervous and I said yes... he reassured me that I was in safe hands and that I don’t need to be nervous.

On Friday, I went for a full dental X-ray at the hospital. My dentist referred me for a full X-ray as I have 6 retained roots that need extraction (that’ll be fun! >.< ) . The lady doing the X-ray was super nice too :)

My dentist reassured me that he will fix me up and make me feel better.

Not once did I feel small, ridiculed, mocked... only support. I came out of my appointment happy and proud of myself.

And on recommendation of the dentist, I went to town on Saturday and bought myself an electric toothbrush!”

Since this post I’ve had another 3 visits to the dentist.
First - 2.5 teeth removed (third got stuck so he left half in for next time.
Second - the remnants of the tooth from last time plus two more removed.
Third - root canal and filling to rebuild my front tooth.

Let me tell you, I was so ashamed of my front tooth. It was broke in half and discoloured. I never smiled. I very very very rarely took a picture and if I did my mouth was closed or it got deleted.

Now? Well, look for yourself below. I have a smile. I actually forgot how to smile properly it’s been so long ? but I’ve not stopped smiling since I had the third visit. I can bite down on food properly!! My confidence has gone up a lot!! And I mean, a lot! Hah. I’ve got a picture with my daughter! And can’t wait for family pics on our holiday!! I’m trying to find excuses to send “selfies” to people ???

If you’re debating whether to go or not, don’t think about the moment of sitting in the chair - think of the moment, 7 weeks later (in my case) where you’re literally beaming!

I still have a little more work but I’m super happy and can’t wait to see what magic the dentist can do next! Although I’ll still be a nervous wreck in the chair ? I’ll definitely be willing to get in it!!

Ahh yayy.. so many congrats to you, your smile shines and your bravery does too!! What a great testimony!! :welldone::perfect::wow:
That's wonderful! I had a similar situation with my front tooth, broke about 3/4 of it off when I was the same age and had to wait a few days for an appointment. It was excruciating as the nerves were exposed, I don't know how you lasted that long!!

I can also completely relate on the discoloration. My front left tooth (the one I broke off) after a few years of being fixed started to turn brown and look really bad, but I didn't realize until it was later and was even more embarrassed. It's nice to feel confident when that's all fixed up.

You have a beautiful smile!! :)
Well done! You look fantastic. Hope all continues to go well for you. Simon XX