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Long scary story, Id appreciate advice...



Junior member
Jun 30, 2014
newburgh ny
I'm going to try and simplify this long story as much as possible so I can get advice as soon as possible.

I was about 7 years old when I had last seen a dentist.
I am 31 now.
I do not brush my teeth with tooth paste nor use mouth wash. (I believe they do more damage than good.)
I do however clean my teeth constantly with various things, A straw, tooth pick, what ever has an edge that I can pick my teeth with, and I do occasionally brush with water.
I had all of my wisdom teeth up until 2 days ago. Ive had them for 10 years.
I started taking an ssri anti depressant that caused me to develop bruxism.
While I waited for the side effects to subside, I cracked tooth 16 (top left wisdom tooth) along the gumline.
I went off the medication, but damage done.

The tooth started to cause me pain, so for the first time in 23 years I finally contacted my insurance and went to the dentist.

The man was insane.

His office was in a run down city of Newburgh house.
Let me explain, that Newburgh is listed on 'Answers' as number 10 in the top ten most criminalized cities in the US.

The man started by lecturing me about where I parked. (in front of his office). In Newburgh there is alternate side street parking. Basically, you read the sign and park where it says to. This man just kept yelling at me that my car could be towed. (this comes into play later)

He takes me through his 6x6 ft living room with a desk, past a metal cabinet used to divide the room in half where the dental chair sat.

He then told me if I were a college student, that I could rent his room upstairs cheep. He also said not to worry about the carpet, and that he would replace it...

I've never had Novocain, so I assumed what he was doing, was right.... He gave me the shots first, Then started poking my teeth looking for cavities.

He then argued with me that the tooth that was a problem, was the one in front of my wisdom tooth. I argued with him that I could stick my tongue in the gaping hole by my gum line and that I wasn't stupid.

He eventually took X-rays and still tried to convince me that I had a hidden cavity in the tooth in front of my wisdom tooth.

So, Here's where he finally starts drilling. It took him 2 hours, and where I asked about having the tooth pulled, he said he wasn't a dental surgeon and that he promised to relieve me of my pain.

I had to hold his spit collector thing, Also, He tucked paper towels all around my face.... I thought dentists used those blue sheets that are plastic on one side so you don't get soaked? Not this guy... Just paper towels...

He drilled, I suctioned... He split the corner of my mouth open...

I think he gave my wisdom tooth a root canal? My insurance doesn't cover a root canal on the molars, only the front teeth, so I don't know what he did... he drilled then he had this tool that he'd poke in and out of the tooth... Eventually I started feeling pain again.. but he wouldn't give me any more Novocain.

Long story shortened a bit more, He did get rid of my pain and put me on antibiotics.. he wouldn't give me a referral to have the tooth pulled, he told me I should try and save the tooth.. I just wanted it pulled.

My fiancé had shown up with his friend, they expected me to have had the tooth pulled and that Id need a ride home...

They parked in the lot behind the apartment/dentist... Some other car blocked them in...

I left, fed up and mortified by what had happened. Every fear I had about dentists was valid. Back alley dentistry for the win..

Turns out the dentist spent the next 20 minutes yelling at my fiancé for parking on the wrong side of the lot, and telling him that he needed to apologize to the neighbor for parking on their side... The neighbor didn't care and expressed that even he thought the dentist was a nut job and it was no big deal.

Fast forward 3 months... the tooth is starting to hurt again. Bad.

I called my insurance in tears telling them how I couldn't see that whack job again. They referred me to my fiancés dentist, thank god. I go in, I tell the guy what happened, He cleans my teeth and tells me I HAVE NO CAVITIES! He also proceeds to literally beat his head against the wall when I describe the root canal wisdom tooth story.

He gives me the referral and a prescription for Tylenol 3 (Codeine)

I take the meds, they kill the pain, I'm good for my extraction of tooth 16 at 12pm.

I go to work, and leave for home.
My fiancé takes me to the oral surgeon.

He pokes around and compliments me on my 'perfect teeth'. I must be doing something right.

They IV my hand pump in a clear liquid, Just before I'm out, I feel my thumb lock up and start to cramp and I feel burning... I managed to get out a "Oh boy" and that's it.

I woke up throwing up. I had eaten a grilled cheese sandwich around 10am, and I wasn't knocked out till about 2pm, being that it was 4 hours, I'm doubtful that it was the cause of my vomiting.

Id been knocked out a few months prior for and endoscopy, so I thought I knew what to expect.

It took about an hour for me to be clear headed enough to leave.. even then, I made it to the bath room, and threw up there... and then I got in the car, got home, and threw up again in the grass. Took my inhaler (I do have asthma) and made it inside where I slept for about 3 hours.

That was Friday...

Saturday was as to be expected.

I've continued to take the antibiotics, and the pain killers, but now the pain has moved to my molars and all the way to my canine in front of the pulled tooth (16) The socket doesn't really hurt, I have some swelling, and I'm doing the salt water rinses, but why does my other teeth hurt?

It hurts through the pain killers, I find myself sticking my finger in my mouth and massaging my gums, which seems to help. Could the teeth be shifting? Should I be concerned about an abscess?

Its 10 at night so I cant call and ask the dentist or oral surgeon....

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your reply.
Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience w/ the former dentist; that's probably the worst horror story I've read, and no one should have to go thru that. It may be possible to file a complaint w/ the state dental board. It sounds like your fiancee's dentist is a whole lot better, so I'd suggest continuing to go to them. Since the pain you described has spread & gotten worse, definitely contact the dentist ASAP so they can find out what's wrong. As far as brushing, they will encourage you to do that thoroughly everyday w/ toothpaste and to use fluoride every night. Hope everything goes well for you. God bless.