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Looking for advice re infection



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My poor boyfriend has had toothache for about 4 weeks, very scared of dentist and tried to delay the inevitable. Saturday was the last straw and I dragged him to my dentist who said he needed a filling, booked for 2 weeks time. So pain has been extremely bad, he's being woken in agony, can't sleep, eat or drink other than water. Ibuprofen and paracetamol every 2hrs, codeine at night, oragel in between. Spoke to dentist yesterday who said it's an infection and prescribed 2 lots of anti biotics, started last night. 24hrs in, pain is worse, in his face and ears. Physically exhausted and drained.

Is it normal for pain to increase once anti biotics started? Is it worth going back to dentist tomorrow? Is there anything else he can do? Ice pack offers temporary relief.

thank you, desperate to help him.


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Jul 21, 2014
Anywhere but "The Chair"
I'm sorry to hear your boyfriend is in such agony. I am NOT a dentist...am sure one will be along at some point who will hopefully answer your questions more accurately than I can but in the interim if he is miserable and getting worse, not better, while on antibiotics, I'd say that's an emergency and he needs to be seen.

From my limited experience/understanding of them the source of infection is in the tooth and until the tooth is actually treated (filling or maybe now a root canal) the infection tends to remain, even on antibiotics. However, they do help keep the infection from spreading...and can help with the pain but I remember my dentist telling me it should start feeling better in the next day or two which I took as 24-48 hours.

I'd call his dentist or endodontist.


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Jan 5, 2012
I agree with Mugz. I had a bad infection some time ago and it is terrible I constantly filled a hot water bottle with cold water and held it on my cheek. I also slept on it too. I also found that to rinse my mouth with cold salt water helped to cool things down and did help a little bit. I also found that it took 3 to 4 days for the antibiotics to kick in.

I really hope your boyfriend gets out of pain soon as it really does make you feel miserable and it takes over you whole life. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:pass these on to him with our wishes for a speedy recovery :butterfly: