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Looking for good endodontist for London area



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Mar 16, 2023
Looking for good, friendly endodontist in London area who works with anxious patients. I need to complete root canal treatment that is too complex for a regular dentist. Thanks :(
One of our members recommended a guy called Gavin Seal. He seems to work in a couple of different practices in London now (I googled Gavin Seal endodontist), for example, here:

He used to work at this place:

That's where the original recommendation for Gavin Seal was for, but it looks as if they've got a new endodontist now called David Jones. He also sounds very good - having a background in community dentistry, he should be good at helping nervous patients. Again, he seems to work in several different places in the London region (as many specialists do). Unfortunately, the prices of some of those places are truly eye-watering, so it pays to compare different locations. Having said that, they might all be eye-watering!

Google reviews are quite good these days for feedback from other patients, though you'll have to search for the name of the practice rather than the individual practitioner, and then go through all the reviews in the hope of finding references to the dentist of your choice...

The London area is rather big - if you're happy to narrow down which part of London and how far you are happy to travel, maybe someone like @drhirst might have some suggestions!
@letsconnect The prices are eye-watering. I may have to go outside of London just to afford to get this done. I just want to move on from all this anxiety and stress vs finding someone I trust who will listen to my concerns and help me vs the cost. If the total cost is say below £1k and I get offered finance than though its expensive I would deal with it. But when just to have a consultation is £300 with no guarantee they will be right endodontist then its too much. :( I am going to email and ask if I can chat to David Jones, as you say coming from community dentistry he may be more sympathetic to nervous clients who need help.
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