Looking for Phobia Friendly Dentist in Cleveland OH



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Nov 28, 2012
I'm looking for a phobia friendly dentist in the Cleveland Ohio area. Sedation might be a good option though I am not sure about that yet.

My background info- I'm 48 years old and my teeth are in terrible shape. I haven't been to a dentist in almost 10 years since the dentist I had been going to my entire life retired. In addition to bad teeth I have a terrible gag reflex which only makes any sort of dental work (particularly in the back of my mouth) even that much worse.

About 6 years ago, I broke off part of a bottom molar. It didn't hurt but it was a little jagged and started to irritate and cut my tongue. Rather than actually try to find a new dentist, I used sandpaper on it and managed to smooth it out so that it wouldn't bother my tongue (yes- this is a true story and shows the lengths I will go to to avoid a dentist).

In the last few months I've notice a crown that is on a top molar starting to slowly come apart. Being that I am scared to death to see a dentist I imagine that I probably won't do anything until it actually breaks apart or falls off. When that happens I will have to face my fears and get to a dentist. So although I'm not quite there yet, I thought it would probably make sense to do some research now so that when the time comes I'll have a dentist that I can go to. Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.
Steve In Cleveland

Steve In Cleveland

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Apr 10, 2012
Cleveland, OH (USA)
Hi Jimbo,

My dentist is Dr. Ellen Friedman at Gordon Dental Care (she's at the Beachwood location). I've been seeing her since April, and she's gotten me through several root canals, crowns, and extractions while we rebuild my smile. I don't know if they offer sedation, but she's always kept me calm and out of pain. I can't speak highly enough of her.

Both she and her dental assistant are very compassionate and gentle, as is the whole office staff. You can read about my first visit to her in my journal here.

I also had a very good experience with Dr. James Pelagalli in North Royalton, although I only saw him once a few years ago. He was very compassionate (as you can tell, I think compassion is the most important factor in a dentist!) and took care of a really bad toothache for me.
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