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Looking for some help...



Junior member
Apr 2, 2014

I’ve been following the posts on this forum for a while, but I’ve never written anything. My name is Sarah and I have had a fear of dentits and needles since childhood.

It hits me the hardest when I see the needle, but I feel the anxiety every day leading up to it. Sometimes I even pass out when I’m having blood drawn. It sounds silly, but I can’t control it. My husband is supportive and tries to reassure me, but I still feel ashamed of my fears.

I usually try to avoid the dentist, but that’s no longer possible. Next month I have an appointment and I’m terrified! I’ll have to go through so many tests that will probably involve needles.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone else gone through this?\

Thank so much in advanced!



Well-known member
Mar 9, 2014
Hi :) fear of needles is sooo common! Dental fear Central have a really good page on needle phobia- it's well worth checking out! Put my mind to rest quite a bit!

I think it's definitely worth going to see a dentist now, they won't do any treatment on your first visit! That way you can rest your mind a bit by knowing if you need treatment- and then if you do you can look at ways to make you feel more comfortable! Even if you ask not to sit in the chair- it's well worth a visit! The longer you put it off the higher chance that you'll need treatment ❤️

Going to your appointment may seem hard- but you have all our support :)
emailing them is always a good way to go!:)

Is there anything specific about needles you don't like? If you can pin point it- it'll be easier to conquer :)

always here, and feeling so much empathy towards you! :XXLhug: