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looking for some info about teeth removed under general anaesthetic



Junior member
Feb 13, 2017
I've been referred to the hospital to have most of my teeth removed under general anaesthetic as I'm frightened to death of dentists.
I visited the dentist and he had a look at what needs doing but I couldn't let him put anything in my month.
he seemed to know what needed doing by just having a look and told me he would refer me to the hospital to be put to sleep.
I can't have the other sedatives they offer as I've got bipolar disorder and they will not do it because of my medication :(
I've got my first appointment in just over a week, but haven't been told what is going to happen at this appointment, I know they aren't going to remove them then but I'm worried about what will happen.
has anybody been through this that can give me some info into what happens at the first appointment? and then after?
will the hospital provide immediate dentures?
I'm scared to death but I know I need to do this now. can anybody help me?
thanks xx


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
Hey there :)

The first appointment may be just to check you over and weigh you etc to check that you are okay to go under GA, unless you've had that appointment already?

I don't think they can provide any dentures without taking impressions of your teeth. And if you did want immediates, I think your dentist would have to be the one to have them made for you.

I had all my dentist-related appointments with my dentist, to take impressions for dentures etc. And then I was referred for the procedure. I had one appointment at the hospital to go over my medical history and weigh me etc in preparation for GA. My next appointment was the extractions.