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Loose front tooth HELP!



Junior member
Aug 1, 2018
I am 18 years old, I was just eating and bit something hard and got pain in one of my top front teeth. Now, the tooth is wiggling a little bit, i am really scared of losing this tooth. Will it tighten back up, if it does how long does it take? Or will I need a dental implant.
Do you have any kind of underlying gum disease? The best thing you can do if the tooth is genuinely a bit loose is to see your dentist. Worst case scenario they can splint the tooth to strengthen and stop the mobility, so that it will heal over time.

I doubt whether the reason for the mobile tooth is a gum disease (you are way too young). My guess is that there is a mobile piece of the enamel and most chances you don't have to lose the tooth nor get an implant.
I do not have gum disease. When I bite gently down on my lips with my front teeth I can feel the tooth almost like unhinged from my gums. It is a weird feeling that I can’t really explain but all in all it is just wiggling a little bit. I am refraining from moving and am obviously not eating with that tooth. I am going to set a dentist appointment tomorrow but I am just very worried. I feel like the source of the problem is the tooth being partly disconnected from the gums maybe?
It sounds like, as Dr Daniel who is a dentist said, a loose piece of enamel. Or plague build-up - that can cause a bunch of build-up around the gum and when you try to move the tooth, the plague build up can move instead. Bear in mind, mouths are very sensitive. Your gums, teeth, and tongue are incredibly sensitive to any change. A tiny change can feel huge to our sensitive mouths!

Please don't worry. You will be fine. :)
Thank you for the input, every time I accidentally bite on something with my front tooth it hurts a lot. And now I am definitely sure the tooth is wiggling a little bit cause i can hear like that small squeaky noise. I see the dentist on the 7th so I am trying to find out as much as possible before then.