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Loose tooth - can it be saved?



Sep 9, 2021
Hi - I've posted before about the ongoing saga with my LL7 molar. Basically, I have chronic gum disease with deep cleaning treatment booked for February. LL7 was re-filled a couple of months ago when my dentist discovered a crack - she is not sure of the extent of it. The tooth has never felt right since - I had it filed down about a month ago - but am still experiencing pain when biting down on it. I have a new cleaning regime since seeing the perio in September and my gums have noticeably improved since then, apart from the gum around this particular tooth. I was having a good old clean this morning and noticed that the tooth is actually moving from side to side. I am really scared now. My dentist doesn't want to do anything irreversible to LL7 until after the perio treatment but that is nearly 3 months away. Is it likely the tooth will fall out in the interim or will I need to have it extracted? How quickly does 'looseness' get worse? Could it get better after the treatment? Thank you for reading.


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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It won't fall out in the immediate future, it's amazing how loose teeth can get before they actually fall out -)
Apart from that, I can't really answer your other questions without seeing you, sorry.