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Loose tooth help



Junior member
Apr 17, 2022
Usa tennessee
Ever since I had my child at 35 I have had nothing but problems with my teeth and with no insurance all I can do is just pull them when they start getting bad now I have one that is loose that doesn't have a tooth on one side I'm terrified and always wait till the last minute because I'm so scared of the dentist I brush my teeth constantly but I guess I have that gum disease what do I do if it falls out? I'm not looking to save it I just need to know is that safe, is it like when you are a kid and it all come out okay, its not decayed and its all intact, just my gum lines have become non existent around it.
@Loosetoothscared it does sound like you have advanced gum disease. This is where bacteria have gradually irritated and loosened the gum and got down to bone level where irreversible bone loss then happens and your teeth then loosen.
In this case like you said the teeth can be perfectly healthy but if the gums aren't then they will fall out prematurely.
Prevention is key to stop yourself losing any more. Do you smoke or have diabetes at all? What's your oral hygiene routine like?
When teeth are very mobile you can't save them. If it's only just a little wobbly then stabilising your gum disease could help keep the tooth a little longer.
I smoke , and i brush my teeth every time i eat because i can't stand the taste of food left in my mouth,
I can't get into a dentist till Thursday, i know i can't put it off any longer. I grind my teeth at night and worried i will gring it half way or all the way out. I dont know if thats dangerous, i just know my lower jaw and my gums are hurting so bad. I am using peroxide before i brush 3 to 4 times a day to help.
So it sounds like you're brushing often enough and peroxide can help.
Smoking definitely makes gum disease worse as it constructs the blood vessels. Stopping smoking would help to stabilise the disease if that's something you'd been considering at all.
Grinding will loosen the tooth over time but possibly not that much of a difference by Thursday.
If it comes out on its own though then that's no problem. Just use some gauze or cotton wool or similar to put pressure on the gum to stop any bleeding and keep your mouth clean. 24hrs after it comes put use hot salty mouth wash to gently hold in your mouth over that area to prevent infection after each meal and once again before bed. The biggest risk is probably if it comes out when youre asleep with swallowing or choking but I imagine you'd feel it.
Hope it goes OK until Thursday and they can get it sorted for you.
Thank you so much. It just started hurting about a week ago and i noticed it was so loose with hardly any of my gums around it.
My mother in law has had several teeth fall out due to severe gum recession/disease. Hers don't tend to bleed as they are very wobbly beforehand and she says she gets no pain when they come out. She's lost several as I say and never had a problem afterwards. For ones nearer the front she does see her dentist as she has a partial denture at the front.
Did hers cause pain in her jaw before the fell out? And that makes me feel alot better in case it happens before my appointment which is at the health department(only thing i can afford as a single mom) so i cant just call them and they work me in. They dont care sadly
@Loosetoothscared she had some pain a few weeks or so beforehand as she got an abscess. However, when it actually fell out there was no pain. One thing she noticed apparently was she became unable to eat on the side of the wobbly teeth as it was too uncomfortable as they were very mobile. But there was no blood or pain, or swelling after and they healed pretty quickly.
Yes I can't eat on that side, it hurts to much when it gets moved any. Thank you this makes me feel alot better.