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Lost Part of Tooth #14 - Help!



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Jul 21, 2014
Anywhere but "The Chair"
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been quietly reading along. I lost a sizable filling in #14 (I think) about a year ago. Yesterday I lost a piece of the tooth. The piece that was broken seems to have been partially under the gum line and partially above. Can that even happen?

I now have a hole in the tooth from the missing filling and and what feels like a small hole or pocket in the gum from the piece that broke off. It is horribly painful but has eased up some since the piece came out.

Is it possible to crown a tooth like this - with a crack into the gum or am I looking at an extraction?

If I leave it alone will it eventually abscess or can it just keep in “treatment limbo” indefinitely?

Thanks for your help!
Depends how far under the gum the broken piece has extended.
The trouble with leaving it in limbo is that at some point it will likely blow up. These things being as they are, it'll most likely flare up on Xmas day just as you sit down for your dinner :)

It's usually easier for you and the dentist to do any treatment while things aren't too bad, rather than when you've been in agony for 30 hrs and haven't slept or eaten :)
Thank you, Gordon. I was hoping I could go years vs. days. I appreciate your reply and will take it under advisement. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ?