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Lost the second 'corner' of my molar. What happens now!?



Junior member
Jun 17, 2017
Hi guys,

A few years ago I broke one of the corners of a molar and had a filling to fix it, that filling came loose and I then had a medium sized filling placed there again.

The filling wasn't the best as it left the other corner on the same side a little exposed and today the worst happened. That corner broke off, but the filling remains. I now have a molar with no points on one side, and this appears to be to the gum line.

I have horrific dental anxiety, I try my very best to look after my teeth but it just seems I can't get it right.

My question is: Will a filling suffice, will it need to be removed or will a crown be fitted?

Also, I wear a retainer on my bottom teeth due to grinding. Am I ok to wear that until I can get to the dentist?
As long as there is enough tooth left, the dentist should be able to do a filling. The other thing would be to make sure that your tooth remains solid enough. If the tooth's structure is weak, a crown might be preferable. The only way to know is for a dentist to see the tooth.

As long as the retainer fits and doesn't hurt you, you should be fine to wear the retainer.
I seem to have one that feels like it's missing a cusp (just has a ridge where it was). It's been like that a long time and dentists don't say anything to me.
But it all depends how it's broken... if it's down to the dentin or is badly decayed or there is not enough tooth left then it might be a crown situation. But if it it's enamel damage then they could fill. Depends where it is too and how much tooth is left/ the angle/how well it will hold a filling.