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Love my new smile!



Junior member
Feb 24, 2020
Hi all!

When I was 15, for ortho reasons, my top jaw was broken and wired together in 8 places. Before that, I needed braces put on for the sole purpose of wiring my jaws shut after the surgery for 2 months. Nothing like only being able to "eat" through a straw to survive - lol! Anyhoo, I developed a huge dislike for dentists after all was done, just sitting in that chair put me in panic mode and even having to explain my xrays to a new dentist made me end up canceling appointment. Stupid, yes, I have since realized this...am now 48 and exactly 2 weeks ago today sucked it up and had all my top teeth pulled and immediate denture (under novo). Love, love, love my new teeth!!! The build-up to the apt was way worse than everything else! I actually ate pizza last night and just can't stop smiling!! My sinus crud and ear pain - poof- gone! Still working on pronouncing certain letters, but it will come eventually. Sorry this post is so rambling, but just trying to say that having the right mindset is key - you too can want to smile and enjoy life again!!!!!!!

Can’t agree more Holly! And congrats!
Can’t agree more Holly! And congrats!
Thanks! I was a lurker here, read tons of stories including yours, and that's where my courage came from. Thank you all!!!
Wonderful! Congratulations. Enjoy. You made it!

In addition to your rightful pride in your accomplishment, be reminded that posts like this are encouraging for the newcomer.

Be sure to eat some wonderfully pointy, crunchy, and cold food just because you can. I personally recommend ice cream with wonderfully frozen peanut butter cup chunks in them.

You've earned it.

Oh, and tortilla chips with salsa. So good.