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Lower Denture Problems


Maid in Kent

Junior member
Mar 23, 2017
I have always been terrified of the dentist, when I was a child if you didn't sit still the dentist would slap you, so the phobia began. My teeth have gradually got worse and now my dentist has recommended removal, I have had all but one at the back removed from the top, I have no problems with my denture and everyone says they look very natural. I have now had more lower teeth removed and am wearing a partial plate, but I just can't eat, everytime I try it just moves, is sore, I know the gums need to heal, and I do use a good adhesive but nothing works. I have a really important function coming up and I can't just eat soft foods. The worst is sandwiches, I have lost 1/2 a stone, which is great I needed to , but not like this. Any suggestions, I have been back to my dentist every couple of days to have a refit but it's no better, they don't hurt now when I am not eating. I can only manage really soft food and soups....thank goodness for slow cookers. Any advice would be great thank you
Have you tried Seabond?

I tried it with my upper partial along with a few other adhesives and it really did keep things in place but at the time was too tight for comfort for me at the time.

There's a thread about it here:

Just placed an order on line. Prepared to try anything driving me bonkers. Thank you again.
They can be fiddly to cut to size so when they arrive do a couple of practice runs.
I admittedly only tried them once but it took a while to get the size right.

Hope it helps! :)