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Lower impacted wisdom tooth - to have removed or not?



Junior member
Apr 13, 2018
Sorry if similar questions have been asked on here. My lower right wisdom tooth never came through properly so it is partially erupted. X Rays show it is lying horizontally at an angle with one corner erupted. I'm 37 so it's been like this for a long time. I often get problems like swelling and pain around the tooth but they go away with good brushing and mouth wash. However, occasionally the problems don't go away so I have to go to the dentist, like I have done this week. This time the pain was further back behind my wisdom tooth and it wasn't getting better. My dentist prescribed antibiotics but he said as I've had quite a few issues with this wisdom tooth, he is prepared to refer me for an extraction. He said this would have to be done at our dental hospital because of the risks. I already know one of the biggest risks is permanent damage to the lip and tongue nerves as I've been told this before. My dentist said those risks are still there. I don't know what to do. Is it worth going through with an extraction with the risks to the nerves, risks from GA, plus how difficult it would be to get the tooth out due to its position?
My advise is to go and see the oral surgeon first and see what he says before you decide.

While the risks of nerve damage are real, it also depends on the location of your impacted tooth and whether it is near any nerve(s), so don't worry yourself about it yet until you have seen the oral surgeon and get his or her's review and advise regarding your specific risks in your case pertaining to nerve damage (if any).

I also had partially impacted wisdom teeth and even though the position is awkward, my wisdom teeth surgery only took about 30 mins and it wasn't too difficult for my surgeon to extract it.