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Lower mandibular nerve block for crown prep?



Junior member
Apr 13, 2021
Hi All,

had a root canal finished on a lower premolar and have to go in for crown prep tomorrow. Will they still numb the area up with the nerve block injection or is at the side of the tooth sufficient?

just asking as the nerve block was really unpleasant for both root canal appointments and I’m really dreading tomorrow.

thanks for reading,
I'd probably not numb it at all, there's no nerve in the tooth anymore so don't really need to numb anything.
Thanks a lot for the reply and sorry I didn’t respond.

Ended up getting the nerve block. Got to go back tomorrow to get the permanent crown fitted. Would you say from your perspective it’s likely they’ll do the same?

I just thought the time it takes vs the shot, especially as this one seems to hurt a fair bit isn’t really worth it. Would you say a lower nerve block is generally speaking always going to be this unpleasant? I did have them years ago, but can’t recall it hurting that much.

thanks for reading,
Again, I wouldn't :)

A lower nerve block shouldn't be that painful to get done, the large numb area afterwards is a PITA though.
Thanks for that.

I’m hoping my dentist sees it like you do. I’ve decided to change after the permanent crown is on, as I do feel they just ‚ram‘ the needle in and inject very fast, without talking about what is going to happen. I much prefer a gentle approach and being distracted, maybe even a topical before.
He just sort of cracks on straight away and it did hurt every time he did it. Both the nerve block and the one next to that felt like an intense wasp sting like sensation. Having read into the forum more, I don’t think it’s normal to hurt that much.