Lower molar extraction after years of pain and absess



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Mar 18, 2013
I had my lower right molar extracted on Fri 15th march.
I had this done via Iv sedation in hospital.
Easy fast extraction and I remember it.
I had no bleeding after the 20 min bite down on gauze,and none since.
3 hours after the extraction i had pain and swelling,enough to alarm me.
I took painkillers and got myself an ice pack straight away.
I started the antibiotics I was given also.
I looked at the socket and noticed it had no clot,just white stuff.I had to eat some yogurt to take the pills.
Ive been in pain since then,up at night 4 times.Earache and still swollen.Food is getting into the socket even though im rinsing with warm salt water and Chlorohexidine.
Ice packs and a warm lavender heat pad on my ear is being used.
I phoned the hospital where I had the extraction and they said to carry on with painkillers and not to worry.The pain and swelling can last for 3 months !
Please advise.


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Jan 5, 2012
I am not a dentist but this doesn't sound right to me. Could you go and see your own dentist, if painkillers are not helping and you cannot sleep because of the pain it could be dry socket.
Either that or go to the A & E if the hospital won't see you that removed the tooth.

Some pain can be normal and jaw stiffness along with a bit of swelling after extraction. But this sounds as if you either have an infection or dry socket or both.

Contact the hospital again or go to your own dentist or as a last resort go to A & E the pain meds should take the aching away.

I am sure if I am wrong her a dentist will be along to correct me. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: