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Lower molar extraction, fear of blood and emetophobia


My_goose_ is _cooked

Junior member
Nov 20, 2018
hello everyone.

I was supposed to have a tooth extracted today. It's badly broken from childhood.had several fillings and eventuallya Gold crown fitted 27 years ago. Crown wore through and dentist said there was infection there so I have had two temporary crowns over last 8 months. I am not afraid of the process of extraction too much..but I cannot bear the taste of blood in my mouth..it makes me whoop until I vomit. I have an extremely sensitive digestive system and often the acidic taste of my own saliva makes me gag and or vomit. I also have a very limited diet as I am sensitive to tastes the results being gagging, coughing and vomiting.

I am also autistic. .therefore I need to make sure not even a trace of blood is in my mouth. My vomit reflex is extremely bad..If I start I can't stop..and it doesn't help that I am actually emetophobic and go crazy at the though oh vomiting.

I get so angry with my body for doing the very thing that terrifies me that I lose control and have meltdowns where I self harm. I did go to get the tooth extracted today but my stomach acid started coming into my mouth and I started whooping and spitting out foam so the dentist had to reschedule.

What can I do to ensure that the blood stops immediately. So it doesn't get to the vomiting stage?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Some sedation will help dampen your gag reflex, (inhalation sedation) gas and air will probably do it if your dentist offers it.

I'm assuming that your dentist is fully aware of the problem?

They should have a plan ready for you, which would be along the lines of:

1) Make sure the assistant is fully aware and has the high speed suction going at all times
2) As soon as the extraction is done, get some artificial blood clot (surgicel is the usual stuff) into the socket
3) Pop in a couple of stitches quickly to make sure the surgicel stays in place and that any bleeding afterwards is controlled

Hope this helps,