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Lower molar infection for years. Terrified it will spread to brain.



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Jun 4, 2024
CW for me being paranoid. Don't read if you're also anxious right now.

I am so so so horribly afraid of the dentist. I feel like I can SEE there being complications, the surgery getting infected and into my bloodstream, feel myself having an allergy to the anesthesia...
I have never been to a dentist. Never had anesthesia. It's just too terrifying.
And I've had a horribly painful tooth infection (literally just spikes of tooth with something grey in the middle) for years and years. It's permanently swollen. Sometimes there are flare ups where I get a fever and vomiting. The flare ups are the worst pain I've ever experienced.
But all of this suffering, and even my constant paranoia of a brain infection, is not even comparable to the mere thought of a medical procedure.
I'm so scared. I'll have to get allergy testing and a bunch of appointments just to prepare for the inevitable extraction and fillings of probably quite a few teeth. I NEVER brush or chew on the right side because of the paim. Barely even rinse my mouth. My teeth and jaw are visibly crooked because of this. I don't even know how I'll find a dentist that'd be willing to deal with my case.
I can't sleep. I feel like there's a brain infection creeping in right now, eating away slowly.
What if it's too late? I feel like vomiting. I just can't handle going to a dentist. The mere thought of the cleaning, the touching, the poking metal tools, the machines, holding my mouth open... It's the worst thing I can imagine. I'd suffer in a million other ways before having to hold my mouth open for an hour while someone prods at my infection, potentially causing it to spread and kill me. I don't even know what I'm saying. I'm just losing my mind with anxiety at this point. :(

Just looking for someone to relate to, or reassurance that I won't die in my sleep from a slowly spreading brain infection. I know they're somewhat uncommon but I keep googling it over and over and over and over and getting scared.
Hi jestercat :welcome: ,

so sorry to read about your situation :( If it helps a bit for now, we have a thread on this topic as many people worry about infections spreading while they actually don't. You can find more here:

When it comes to the things you are imagining when it comes to a dental visit, it is very likely that it won't be like that. A good dentist will be concerned about building trust first and make you feel comfortable. They may start with a chat about what you are afraid of and it would be about how to tackle the situation in a good way.

Is there anything in particular that you feel worried about when it comes to seeing a dentist?
im in a similar situation myself. my left side is never used for eating due to a bad filling job gone bad, and its been over 5 years. my teeth are in terrible shape and i haven’t looked at them in years due to severe body dysmorphia. and yeah i fear everyday my bad teeth will go infect my heart or brain. you aren’t alone. i hope to find the courage to ask for help one day and i hope you can too. we deserve it no matter how lowly we feel of ourselves.
@Enarete Hi, thanks for replying! Mostly I worry about the physical sensations it will entail. I have really bad paranoia and sensory issues which is how my teeth got in this shape in the first place. I just can't stand the thought of cleaning because of the sound and pressure on my teeth, or my mouth being cut into, or the draining of pus, or the numbness of meds, or waking up and going under anesthesia, or pain of healing. All of those things sound like a horrible overwhelming nightmare to me. I know plenty of people go through it, but for whatever reason my senses are on super high alert 24/7 and even lightly brushing my teeth or holding my mouth open for a minute to look in the mirror makes me feel nauseous.
I wonder if I should look into a diagnosis for my fear and sensory issues before going to a dentist ??
I'm not as afraid of the dentist themselves as the treatment, but I'm afraid of people in general, especially being touched.

And thanks so much for the link! I'll definitely check it out!!! :)
@clicheplush So sorry to hear of your situation. I also have issues with body dysmorphia. :(
I truly hope you find the courage. It's oddly comforting to hear of someone in a similar situation. Good luck!