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Lower partial denture problem



Junior member
Jun 18, 2021
Reno, Nevada
Hi everyone! So glad I found this forum and no I am not alone on this journey. I am 3 1/2 weeks out from having all 4 lower teeth pulled and the back left molar pulled. I have the partial that did not fit immediately and went back to have stitches removed after a week. The dentist did a reline with a soft material, told me not to soak the partial at night just rinse it and put it in the case. The soft lining is coming out now and of course the partial will not fit again. I was told.to come back in 2 monhs to do another soft reline until I heal. I don't know if what I am being told is accurate, scared that the partial should be soaked in water (that made no sense to me with everything I have read up.on) and if a soft reline is a temporary solution every couple.of weeks until you completely heal. Any input and advice is super appreciated!
Hi, Darcianne. I don't have an answer (but I bet one of the dentists will). It's a holiday weekend so don't get discouraged if no one else answers till Tuesday or so; they will!!!
Hi Darcianne. Of course, you need to go back to the dentist if the soft lining is coming out and now it's no longer fitting! The "come back in 2 months" only applies if you're not experiencing any problems. Seeing how it's a holiday weekend in the US, I take it they don't reopen until Tuesday?

The temporary soft lining may be different from "standard" denture materials and hence the different cleaning instructions? I've moved this to the Ask a Dentist section - @Gordon might know what is going on ?
It's only a holiday weekend in the US, there's a great big world out there :)
Sounds like the denture was relined with something like Viscogel, hence the advice about not soaking it. This is a sort of semi-temporary material that kind of moulds itself to the gums as they shrink back post-extraction.

If it's coming away then it's an easy job to replace it. As Let's Connect said, go back to the dentist.