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Lower partial denture question



Aug 29, 2020

I finally recieved my upper and lower partial dentures. So far, so good. It is nice to have a full set of teeth again. I wasnt missing alot of teeth, just a couple on top, near the back and 2 LR molars. I went in for my first adjustment due to a sore spot. After she adjusted it, it felt better, but I noticed the bite was off on the lower right, meaning the upper and lower back teeth no longer touched. The dentist said she removed a little of the denture tooth because it was hitting a little high... it didnt bother me before the adjustment. I know hit first on the left side of my mouth instead of evenly. So... here's the question, can it be fixed? Can a little of the tooth or whatever she removed be added back?

Any advice appreciated. Thank you!
Unfortunately, they are not able to put additional surface on the tooth, but can adjust the other teeth in the denture to help with your bite. Hope this helps and wish you all the best in your dental journey.