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lower partial with metal and full upper dentures



Junior member
Sep 21, 2008
I am 52 yrs old and have had upper dentures since I was 36 and a metal partial with three capped teeth that it holds on to. I just received a new pare and it is not working, the dentist said that the so called back of my partial on the bottom (after a month that I could not eat) would not cut the fake gums away the his assistant called me aside and showed me my old partial and it did not have these so called wings in the back, finally after months he cut them off it feels much better and least I can eat some things The dentist also even though brand new put a linner in them and I drool on the right side of my mouth when talking I am getting panic attacks and I am so afraid to go back, his assistant found the problem , I have to go back for adjustments but I am not happy at all and think he should replace these new ones they did not fit, he did unnecessary adjustments from the beginning and only after cutting of the back did I find releif. Help me I ams sick to my stomach?:confused:
I have had upper dentures since I was 36 and a lower partial attached to three of my own cappepd teeth, I am now 52 and have had new dentures and a new partial put int. I have been going through this since Jan and still have had problems I lossed weight, and I kept telling the dentis that the bottom partial did not look anything like the new one, finally the assistant pulled me aside and showed me my old ones, she said to make him cut the back gums off, they went up and she was \correct. He has put in a linner in my brand new partial and if he had listend to me in the first place I would not have gone through hell, I have to go back for some more adjustments and I ma now having panic attacks help what is your suggestion.:redface::shame:
me again dentures with lower metal partial

I have also noticed that when I talk I collect drool in the right side of my mouth does this mean that they are not fitting correctly Help? I am beside myself:confused:
partial / bottoms and dentures on the top

Hi I am 52 yrs old and have had upper dentures since I was 36 and lower partial attached to metal on three teeh . Since Jan I have been haveing new caps but on my three existing teeth and ny dentures and partial came in about a month ago, I hate them the partial had gum like wings in the back I kept telling the dentis I could not eat and started having panic attacks and a mri due to poor diet, his assistance came to me and told me she could get into trouble for telling me this but told me to insist that he cout them off, it has been much better I have a few sore spots and this is normal but I am very upset that he did not realize this from the beginning she actually took my bottom partial and had to hide it to show it to me. I don't think he knows what he is doing and want to get a new set but at this time I just can't afford it because it has cost me over 5,000.00 . I am going back to hinm on Tuesday and want to eat more comfortably also I am getting an extreme silva coming out of the right side of my mouth like drule what is going on help me ? I am now 52 years old. :confused::cry:
Bit late now, sorry. I think the best way to handle it is to complain to the dentist that you are unhappy and see what they're prepared to do about it.