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Lower right jaw pain, throbbing post new-type porcelin crown on molar; root canal ineffective!



Junior member
Jan 23, 2012
On January 9 I had a new type porcelin crown installed on molar #31; the existing 1/2 crown there was removed. I was getting food between #31 and the adjacent tooth because of a gap. I have no wisdom teeth. No prior tooth problems in this area for years. I have regular cleaning and x-rays. The temporary worked fine for days, no problem. However, after the new permanent crown (something new and a very VERY hard porcelin made in the dentist's office), was permanently cemented and he ground away with diamond bit, I had a throbbing pain in my lower right jaw which has persisted through today, January 23.​
Two days ago an endodontist did root canal on the tooth; and this did not change the throbbing pain in my lower right jaw when I open my mouth wider than usual or to open my mouth to chew -- i.e., yawn or move my jaw from side to side. The crown is not "high" and seems to make good contact in my mouth as to chewing surfaces.​
I have been taking clindamycin as prescribed but to no avail. I went to the hospital E.R. to see if there might be some infection and for pain relief, but urine and blood tests indicated no bacterial infection. All tests were normal. The hospital prescribed a narcotic for pain relief. BUT, my lower jaw still throbs and has not changed since January 9.​
1. Could there be any alergic reaction in the lower jaw as a result of the new type of porcelin crown material made in the dentist's office? Apparently the material used is extremely strong, far stronger than the normal porcelin crown previously outsourced by dentists.​
2. I am a Type II diabetic with peripheral neuropathy. Could the dentist have done the heavy, diamond grinding to adjust the crown fit (after determining what had to be done), outside of my mouth before permanently cementing it in my mouth to avoid the heavy diamond bit grinding adjustments that could cause trauma to the tooth's roots? This protocol would be used in view of my diabetic neuropathy, adjacent tooth with root canal already existing, and to be on the safe side to avoid trauma to #31. I remember the trauma of his grinding away with the diamond bit because the crown was so strong after he permanently cemented it in: lower jaw trauma and throbbing started at that time--but I thought it was just temporary. It has not been temporary!​
Could he have used temporary cement for a few days on the new crown just to make sure there were no problems or trauma to the tooth before permanently affixing it to #31?​
3. Apparently there is no infection and now I underwent root canal on January 21--no change in the throbbing lower jaw pain and throbbing. Are there any further tests that can be done to determine injury to the right lower jaw bone itself? Could there be anything caused by the material used in the crown itself?​
I went to the hospital E.R. and they did blood work and urine tests. There was nothing indicated in the blood or in urine as to any possible infection. Everything was negative as to other criteria. They prescribed a narcotic, Percoset, for pain, but had no other suggestions. Nothing is apparent on the x-rays of the tooth!​
4. The throbbing continues. When I yawn, the throbbing is there just as when I open my mouth beyond a certain point or when I open my mouth to chew. As indicated, the root canal was successful but this did not change or alleviate the lower-jaw throbbing, discomfort, and pain. I have been avoiding chewing on the right side of my mouth. However, when I do, there is some chewing discomfort due to the lower right jaw throbbing.​
5. I am desperate for some answers as to what, if anything, can be done or what tests or treatment will alleviate the throbbing lower jaw pain and throbbing. I am at my whits ends!!! :hic:
Thanks for any suggestions.​
Other Thoughts:

Food impaction can cause pain in the gum with a throbbing nature. It seems that the mesial contact is too light. Best treatment is to remove the crown and remake it. It should be properly. This would be done at no cost.

Injections can trigger "TMJ" type pain but I don't think that is your issue.