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Lower Tooth extraction with partial denture



Apr 2, 2020
North Scotland
Heya, I was wondering I got a tooth out on my lower jaw and got a partial on Thursday but it’s excruciating, I remember the dentist saying with my top partial to keep it in 2 weeks straight because it won’t go in otherwise because of the swelling? Will I beable to keep my bottom one out awhile? But still manage to put it in in afew days time?:/ it’s so much worse than my top one was ? x
Take it out, give your mouth a rest for a few hours, then put it back. Try not to leave it out for more than 4-5 hrs at a time. Have you got an appointment made to adjust it?
Thank you, I’ll definitely give that a try! No I don’t, they didn’t mention any adjustments, they said that I’ll need to get a new partial denture once my gums have settled down? The same with my top one that I got a month ago, it’s really loose now so I have to use a lot of fixodent but they said I’ll need to buy new ones in afew months time? Thankyou for your help
Immediate insertion dentures are basically educated guesswork, they almost always need at least one adjustment after fitting. I'd give them a call if it's still painful tomorrow.