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lump in the roof of my mouth help



Sep 21, 2009
my dental fear has been getting better,unfortunetly my panic and worry over the lump that has appeared in the roof of my mouth hasnt,its not sore and im away for a fewdays so im worried its some kind of infection that will get in my brain(i read this on goggle:()its not sore it just appeared :(please any help would be nice i cant sleep from worry.
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im worried this could be a dental abscess ,ive had it a few days ,can it leak?if i push on the lump there is slight pressure to my front teeth that were covered over with new teeth.
Hi Sam85,

It is impossible to diagnose this sort of thing over the internet. Having read through a few of your previous posts, however, I feel it is quite likely to be an abscess.
Yes they can leak but this is a good thing as it relieves the pressure.
Whilst it is true that you can get infection spreading to the brain, this is extremely rare so I would not let that worry ruin your christmas!

Best wishes